Pre-Settlement Checklist

Hazard Insurance Policy

Your lender may requires that a current hazard homeowner's insurance policy be in place before your settlement.

Pest Inspection

Inspections usually have to be performed for purchase transactions. The sales contract indicates which party is responsible for the order and delivery of the inspection and invoice. Please note that inspections are typically requied for loans closing under a Veteran's Administration program. Make sure you check with your lender.

Lender Documents

To prevent possible delays in closing, it is imperative that the purchaser furnishes any necessary documentation to their lender for final loan approval. It is also a good idea to bring any documents you receive from your lender (estimates, truth in lending, lock−in letters, etc.) to closing.

Certified Funds

A cashiers or certified check made payable to RL Title & Escrow, Inc. is required to cover closing costs and the remainder of your down payment. A wire transfer is also an option so please contact us for further information.

Photo ID

A valid government−issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or Militay ID is required for all settlements.

Utility Notice

Purchasers must contact their utility companies to open or transfer power, gas, and water accounts. Utilities should be turned on for purchasers' walkthrough so they can ensure appliances and heating/cooling systems are functioning.